The Building Process

First Meeting Free

Our first meeting is an informal chat about who we are, what you need, and how we can help. We talk about what you want to work on in your home, your budget, and next steps. We want to take a little time before money is involved to meet and get used to each other.

Usually we will arrange a second meeting where we will present some sketches and some numbers and get your feedback. At this time we will either get a deposit to begin work on the planning stage, or if we are working by the hour we will begin billing for the work we do.


Starting with general ideas and working down to the details, we make sketches and drawings to figure out what you want. The end result of the design process is a set of drawings that contain all of the changes being made.


The bidding process is done along side the design process and is finalized as the design takes shape. As the numbers come in, we adjust the design to add more features that you want, or to trim back as needed. Once the numbers are ready and approved, we can sign the contract and begin the work.


After getting the required permits we come in and perform the work to make your remodel happen. At this point all of the subs are on the schedule. We are ready. This is where things get exciting as you see your vision take form.


At the end of the job when you are satisfied with the results we clean up and get out of your way so you can enjoy your new home. We will talk with you about what went well and what did not. We strive for your complete satisfaction.