The Nunez Shower

The Nunez Bathroom.


Whirlwind Two Day Tub-to-Shower Conversion

In all honesty, the job did take more than two days, but I did all of the work outside of plumbing in two days. One day was the demo,


Bathtubs Aren’t for Everybody

But huge showers are.


Here’s some

Finished Acrylic Shower

Replacing a Smelly Shower

Tiles have seams. Lots of them. All those grout lines in your shower, that thin line between each and every tile in your shower, all let water pass


The Woodson’s New Shower

The Woodsons wanted to upgrade their steel tub and tile shower with something cleaner and more accessible. This is what they started with


The Durham’s Walk in Shower

This was a very straightforward conversion of a tub and shower to a “walk-in” shower, which means you can walk into the shower without having to step in


The Samuelson Kitchen

Even before the new countertops and backsplash tile are installed, you can see the striking difference in the before photo (below) and after photo (above) of the Samuelson’s


A Leaky Pipe Needs a Fix

This condo’s upstairs bath needs new floor tile, a new vanity top, and some little fixes such as new caulk and some drywall repair. A facelift. Unfortunately we


Full Kitchen Remodel for the Brimer Residence

This was a complete kitchen remodel. Let’s take a look at where we started to explain the changes they


Getting Back on Track

I’m not sure what happened with this project before I showed up, it was a little chaotic and needed some help to get things going right again. This