Bathtubs Aren’t for Everybody

But huge showers are.


Here’s some pictures of the demolition, cause it was just really fun to tear this bathroom apart.

Wardlow Demo

Get rid of it!

Wardlow Demo 2

This is what was under there. There’s not really great support under that tub, or the shower. The guys did spray some foam under there to support the weight of the wter, but the area around the drains is raw dirt. You’re supposed to cover that with concrete; you don’t want termites (or any bugs) to be able to crawl into the room where you bathe.

Plumbers…. (eye roll)

2016-06-20 14.02.21

Wardlow Rebuild

The best place for the soap dish was right on top of a stud, so we carefully drilled and chiselled out enough room.

recessed shower caddy

Here’s the detailing around the window with the bench which is made of a material called Onyx. They make a wide variety of shower seats and accessories.

2016-06-27 17.47.03

The finished shower, less the glass door which the owners contracted through another source. Notice there’s another Onyx shelf to the left. That’s for your foot when you shave your legs. It’s the little things.