The Durham’s Walk in Shower

This was a very straightforward conversion of a tub and shower to a “walk-in” shower, which means you can walk into the shower without having to step in over a tub rim. The material will be acrylic panels which are water tight, easy to maintain, and


You can see we started with tile which was mounted on green drywall. It made for easy demolition, but wasn’t the best underlayment. There are better products like theĀ DensGuard that we use.

Tub Before

Of course we protect the vinyl floor from damage, and cover the medicine cabinet and anything on the sink.

2016-06-01 08.28.26

After demolition you can see some minor damage to the insulation where the facing has come off. This is due to a very minor leak in the wall there. A small amount of water was getting through the tile, with it’s many seams. Once it got back to the green drywall, it seeped through and was damp in the back. Not running leaks of water, just some continued dampness which melted the facing on the insulation.

This is why you want to use a good material for your backing. Also, the acrylic sheets we are putting in have no seams, so water can’t get through them.

After Demo

Here you see the DensGuard up, ready for installation of the acrylic panel. Note the black corner pieces glued back to the DensGuard, and glued to the acrylic panel as well. That is thorough protection.

2016-06-06 11.08.11

And now we have the final shower install, with glass shower door, two corner shelves, a grab bar, and brand new plumbing fixtures and drain.

Final Walk In Shower

We are all done and the Durham’s are happy with the upgrade.