The Samuelson Kitchen

Even before the new countertops and backsplash tile are installed, you can see the striking difference in the before photo (below) and after photo (above) of the Samuelson’s kitchen. It was a piece of work, but only took me seven days to bring it through. Solo. An electrician moved one wire, but the plumbing stayed where it was, so it was all my show. It was a fantastic job.

Samuelson Start


Samuelson Before Demo


Plastic Protection at Samuelson

The cabinets came out easily, and the backsplash tile popped right off the wall. It looks like they used construction adhesive to put it up. We use tile thinset which is very sticky. Very strong.

The New Flue

Below we see the stove flue, which will have to be cut off higher to accommodate taller cabinets. Let’s take a look at the process.

Notice the line on the stove flue. We will need to cut it there to accommodate taller cabinets.
Notice the line on the stove flue. We will need to cut it there to accommodate taller cabinets.

Now that we know where to cut, we score the drywall with a knive and cut the studs with a sawzall. Watch out for wires!

2016-05-18 14.19.44

Now we add some framing to screw on new drywall.

2016-05-18 14.33.46

Now put up the new drywall.

2016-05-18 14.42.54

Tape and float the joints, and that detail is done. It will be behind the crown molding, so it should be painted, but it’s all about the structure there. We need to have drywall as a barrier to fire between the kitchen and attic, with no exceptions.

2016-05-19 10.43.31


Next we set the cabinets. We are fortunate with the details here. First, the old tile was set up to the old cabinets, but not under. Our new cabinets are a little deeper, so they cover up the edge of the tile. This saves a lot of work.

Likewise, the new cabinets are a little deeper, covering up where the painted walls were caulked to the old cabinets, so we have new, clean joints at the edges.

2016-05-23 16.15.13

Click on the image to see it bigger. Look at where the cabinets meet the wall and floor. So clean. There was nothing to fix. The new cabinets overlap the walls and floor. Nobody had to pay for that it was just good planning.

Samuelson Final

The Corner Access Dilemma

Meanwhile, in the corner of the kitchen, we have a situation.

2016-05-18 15.12.36

That is the cabinet that goes in the corner. Not okay. There’s a big opening in it, so it looks like you can reach into that space, but you can’t. Or you won’t, because after that cabinet gets installed in the corner, the sink cabinet gets put in next to it, covering up that hole. You can’t get into that big space. There’s probably 10 cubic feet in there! That’s a lot of usable space and the client wants to use it.

What do we do?

The big cutout in the drywall above should be a clue. We decided to cut through the bar wall there, and put some doors on the outside of it, so you can put stuff in that cabinet from the living room! It came out really well. Let’s take a look.

After careful planning and layout, we cut out and framed in a new opening through the wall.

2016-05-18 16.24.27

Next we go to TechShop in Round Rock, where we are proud members, and build the solid hardwood doors.

2016-05-22 12.14.08

2016-05-22 12.29.20

2016-05-22 17.26.57

After painting them on site, here is the installation of this creative solution:

2016-05-23 16.15.26

2016-05-23 16.15.50

2016-05-23 16.15.59

And that’s all I have for you right now. I hope to return and get some photos with the countertops installed. I’ll keep you posted.

2016-05-23 16.15.13

Samuelson Final

2016-05-23 16.14.14