Getting Back on Track

I’m not sure what happened with this project before I showed up, it was a little chaotic and needed some help to get things going right again. This is what I saw when I came


2016-06-15 12.03.55

There’s a few things wrong here. The backer board is raised up off of both walls, and I’m not sure how¬†the installer was going to deal with that edge. You can see there’s space behind it; it’s not even a solid construction.

Also, the board is built up on two layers of board behind it, so from the surface of the board to the wood walls studs is 1 1/2″. The screws used are 1 5/8″ and they don’t grab the wood at all, so the board is not securely fastened. Also, the shower pan is not protected, nor is the sink.

I removed all that material, and put in one clean sheet straight on the studs so that the wall surface is flat and the panel can be applied right to it.

Re-done Backer Board

Now that’s the right side. Here is the left as I found it:

Left side as I found it

Instead of using drywall strips to fir out the wall, I took all of that down and used good framing lumber, securely fastened to the top and bottom plate. The depth of the two layers of board was not right either. That was 1″ and it needed to be 3/4″ so I did what the other installer didn’t bother doing and cut boards down to 3/4″ thick to the existing studs to move the whole wall surface in. This way the shower walls will lie flat on the wall board and will give a clean detail.

2016-06-15 14.08.28

All this prep work was required to do this job properly. After applying the board and patching the drywall, here’s how it looked while spraying on texture to match:

Adding Texture

And here is the finished left wall:

Finished left side

The shower wall is mounted to the surface of the wall just like on the other side.

Finished Right Wall

At the end of the day, the clients were thrilled. They love their new shower, and were very happy with the way the drywall corner turned out.

Great success!